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About Me

Hi, I'm Jerry Sievert, and I like to build things. I live in Portland, OR, with my adorable cat Missy. I build tiny computers and write software for them, ranging from sensors, to databases, to musical instruments.

I love to cook, build things in Lego, read Sci-Fi and technical books, and of course love to drink beer.

Recent Projects

  • PLV8 - Javascript language plugin for PostgreSQL
  • Equinox - Unit testing for PostgreSQL using PLV8
  • Eurorack Clock - A clock module built for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • EMDB - A tiny embedded key/value store for IoT hardware
  • Tiny-HTTP - A miniscule, non-allocated embedded HTTP server for IoT hardware


Most Recent:
Last Update
Temperature 20.7ºC / 69.26ºF
Humidity 45%
Radiation CPM 3.311
µSv 0.062 +/- 0.008

Hourly Average:
Temperature 20.56ºC / 69.01ºF
Humidity 45.48%
Radiation CPM 3.30
µSv 0.0621 +/- 0.0077